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The essence of lean production is the company’s management methodology, in which the efficiency of the enterprise is increased by reducing losses. Such losses include various production processes:

Помощь при внедрении бережливого производства
  • Unjustified actions by employees that result in cost of time and resources

  • Useless transportation or movement of raw materials, goods, which leads to damage and temporary loss

  • Deficiencies in production and technology

  • A large percentage of defects

  • Excessive product idle

Lean manufacturing can be implemented both at the stage of business design and during company management. This strategy is applicable in various fields, from industry and trade, to medicine.

Enterprises that use lean manufacturing are distinguished by the following features:

  • Workers are the basis of production, while equipment is considered only a means of achieving the goal. Whatever the high-tech equipment, only qualified specialists can make quality products. In the hands of untrained people, any technology turns into a pile of metal

  • Production processes are organized with minimal loss. and arranged in such a way that they can be improved when necessary

  • Making any decisions is based on future prospects, and not on current material profit. Managers do not do formal work, strict control and assessment of personnel by multiple criteria is also not allowed. The main task of managers is to solve and prevent problems.

Stages of implementation of lean manufacturing:

  • Division of production into clusters by product variety. Then teams are formed that work with each of the cells.

  • The establishment of a unit that will monitor the activities of each team individually, as well as be responsible for collecting general information. In this way, the most effective working groups are identified and their experience is shared with the rest.

  • Planning activities that will allow for the reorganization of production processes

  • Reduce work cycles, inventory levels and other targets, which will become the main ones for the enterprise

5S is the best way to implement lean manufacturing. Its essence is that the entire staff of the enterprise, from workers to managers, must adhere to a few simple rules. This eliminates the use of sophisticated management technologies.

As a result of the introduction of the 5S system, the overall performance of the company increases. The working conditions also become better, industrial accidents are reduced, the time taken to complete certain technological operations is reduced, the quality of the products is improved and the marriage is reduced.

The main difficulty in implementing the lean manufacturing 5S system is the fight against objections. This is often done incorrectly. It is difficult to wean workers from old habits. Therefore, it is important to convey to the staff the goal of the upcoming metamorphoses, which will positively affect working conditions and increase the performance of the enterprise. Accordingly, wages will be higher, and the work process will be much more comfortable.

In no case do not introduce penalties for violations. An alternative would be rewards for following the new rules: keeping order, keeping the workplace clean, following standards and improving.

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