Starting production from scratch

Today, almost every entrepreneur in the segment of small and medium-sized businesses can open their own production. You just need to know the correct algorithm for starting production.

The advantage of this type of activity is that even a small entrepreneur can grow from a small production workshop to the level of a large company. Regardless of whether you open a bakery or brewery, for the normal functioning of the business you need to correctly configure all mechanisms.

If your business is just at the start, it is important to follow the following algorithm:

Запуск производства «с нуля»
  • Conduct a marketing research of segmentation of the industrial market, where your company will be located

  • Draw up a business plan

  • Choose the right equipment

  • Choose a room and calculate the area of production

  • Draw a diagram of all rooms and design the arrangement of equipment

  • Draw up mechanical and electrical diagrams of workshops

  • Agree with suppliers

  • To control the manufacture and shipment of equipment

  • Prepare documents for customs

  • Provide equipment delivery

  • Connect and set up an industrial line

  • Train staff to work with equipment

Product and room selection

It is important to determine which product will be produced. This will allow you to make an estimate for the purchase of raw materials and suitable equipment

Another key point will be the selection of a suitable room. It will not be so difficult to do this. On the territory of Russia there are quite a lot of abandoned enterprises and other industrial facilities that meet the established standards for the organization of production enterprises. However, it is worth allocating the budget so that there are enough funds for repair and conversion of premises.


Since the growth of the Russian labor market is dynamic, today new methods of personnel selection are used. Innovative methods for us were borrowed from foreign colleagues or from flagship domestic companies. One of the current trends is headhunting. It lies in the fact that the best workers should not engage in an independent search for a job. Headhunters are engaged in this task. They lure leading experts from competitors, offering more favorable conditions for cooperation.

The main elements of headhunting are:

  • Recruited employees are seen as an asset that directly affects on the profitability of the enterprise

  • The presence of corporate culture. It is necessary to take care not only of the presence of an HR department, but also to ensure that all employees of the enterprise participate in the selection of personnel

  • Stimulation. A potential employee must be lured by more profitable wages and other privileges, for example, provide an official car

  • Poaching personnel. First of all, attention must be focused, not on free applicants, but on working specialists

  • Focus on personnel search only for open vacancies. But you also need to think about promising specialists in case of expansion of the enterprise

Personnel can be selected even under quarantine conditions using remote tools. An online interview will allow you to choose a specialist not only at the local level, but also from other regions. At the same time, the range of vacancies is wide enough and it is possible to conduct interviews not only with engineers, accountants and lawyers, but even with working personnel.

In order not to bother with the organization of the HR department, it is more rational to use outsourcing services. However, do not confuse HR outsourcing with the services of recruitment agencies. The former work much more efficiently, as they closely interact with their customers.

We recommend that you seek services only from companies with experience and reputation. Perhaps this company will be recommended by your colleagues or acquaintances. Thus, it will not be difficult to start own production from scratch even if the entrepreneur has no experience. Many complex tasks can be delegated to hired professionals and specialized companies.

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